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Long Island - Our Story

As part of the noteworthy and successful Newsday's “Long Island: Our Story” media campaign, I was selected to create artwork depicting significant historical events linked to Long Island. While there were plenty of notable events considered, the following three were selected:

Charles Lindbergh's first nonstop transatlantic flight May 20,1927

Vanderbilt Cup Race - America’s First International Auto Race  October 8, 1904

Landing of the lunar module built on Long Island  July 20, 1969

After some research and discussions with the client, we settled on the approach, style and feel. I produced some preliminary studies/sketches and ideas for placement and use. 

These were the finalists in the sketch phase:

I got the green light and created the final art: 

Clients were very happy with the result.

The artwork was used on a number of promotional products and merchandise featured and sold in select stores statewide.

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